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Lucky Leo's at Boardwalk
Casino Pier, Seaside - Midway Steak House
Casino Pier - Seaside
Skee Ball - Only in NJ

Major boardwalks along the Jersey Shore are at Point Pleasant, Seaside, Atlantic City, Ocean City, Wildwood, and another one is being renovated at Asbury Park. Most NJ beach towns have smaller boardwalks that run along the coastline of the Jersey shore.

The first boardwalk built in America was at Atlantic City in 1870. It was designed to act as a barrier to keep ocean bathers from tracking sand into the local tourist hotels. This idea was originated by Alexander Boardman, and the boardwalks of today are named after him.

The two mile long Atlantic City Boardwalk is mostly known for its gambling casinos, but it still retains much of its past, including the Steel Pier.

The Wildwood Boardwalk is over two miles long, has four different piers and more rides than Disneyland. It is one of the largest amusement parks in the country. One of its many features is the "the Great White" which is the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster on the east coast.

The mile long boardwalk at Seaside has the Funtown Pier and the Casino Pier which features a merry-go-round built in 1913. The game of Skeeball is only found on the NJ boardwalk arcades. To quote NJ-native and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Junot Diaz, "The boardwalk was where all of NJ came together; Where NJ for better or worse, met itself."

Business establishments along boardwalks include Italian and Seafood restaurants, pizzerias, miniature golf courses, arcades, game stands, souvenir shops, beach gear stores, boutique shops, ice cream and waffle stands, night clubs, and sweet shops.

Today, many of New Jersey's boardwalks, especially those of Atlantic City, are also home to the finest resorts on the Eastern Coast. Blending seamlessly with the existing hotel-scape, many of these resorts offer memories for those who cherish the nostalgic, family-friendly atmosphere of these playlands by the sea. These resorts properties provide so many pleasant vacation memories  making them extremely popular among frequent New Jersey vacationers.



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