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New Jersey Farms

Horse Ranch in Somerset, NJ
Horse Ranch in Somerset, NJ
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Cranberry Production in New Jersey
NJ Cranberry Harvest

The 9,800 farms in New Jersey are primarily small, family run farms. They grow over forty different vegetables, twenty different fruits, as well as peanuts, grains, flowers, Christmas trees, and nursery stock. Hay farmers supply the states thousands of horse ranches with feed. Five-hundred amateur beekeepers raise thousands of gallons of wildflower honey, and keep the state's crops pollinated. New Jersey has over 130 dairy farms. Rolling pastures, fields of green, and pick-your-own farms dot New Jersey's landscape and keep our land open and productive. 17% of New Jersey is farmland.

Jersey sweet corn and Jersey tomatoes along with red and green bell peppers are favorites to NJ's residents. Developed at Rutgers University, the aptly named Rutgers Tomato, along with other Jersey-grown tomatoes and our sweet corn gained fame. New Jersey farmers are some of the nations leading producers for tomatoes, sweet corn, and peaches. Blueberries are the state fruit, and New Jersey is well known as a leading producer of the nation's blueberry crop. Elizabeth White domesticated the high bush wild blueberry into the blueberries cultivated today.

Our cranberry bogs are also well-known, ranking third in the nation in productivity. South and Central New Jersey were home to masses of wild cranberries which were an important food source for early American settlers and the Lene-Lenape Indians. In the 1700s picking wild cranberries before they were fully ripened was punishable by fine.

New Jersey growers sell their produce at many urban green markets, and directly to the residents of New Jersey at the many roadside stands, on-farm markets and farmers' markets throughout the state. Most grocery stores feature "Jersey Fresh" foods. Do you know where your food comes from? If you're lucky, it comes from a New Jersey farmer. Look for "Jersey Fresh" produce or "Jersey Grown" plants at a farm or market near you. Thank a New Jersey farmer today!



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New Jersey Farms - 6 Videos

Watch videos about the growing and harvesting of the worlds largest blueberries from DiMeo farms. Next a very informative video about the harvest of cranberries in South Jersey. More videos include historic Dey Farms in Monroe, and Cherry Lane Farms that grow many varieties of Jersey Fresh produce.





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